Have you seen my Psoriasis Pspots?

If you know me, are Facebook friends with me or simply saw me strutting the streets of my neighborhood, you have DEFINITELY  “Pspotted” me. (see what I did there? Pspotted? no? moving along then…).

I have been living with psoriasis for a mere 6 months but I am constantly trying to educate myself on the autoimmune disease and ways to make it work with me rather than against me. (It’s super anti-Brittany right now BTW). It’s a tricky little bugger! I created this blog for several reasons but mostly to use as a tool to vent, cope and handle my new friend.

Brooklyn, my 18 month old chihuahua, is here to play nurse (she spends tireless hours helping me research… and trying to lick her own butt). So Brooklyn and I will be working together to drop some knowledge on you as well as share our experiences.

Here we gooooooooo! =)

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