Research, Research, Research…

So, it seems that my Psoriasis is starting to go into remission. (no jinxies) But I wanted to share some of the experiences I have had by speaking to other people with the disease and doing my own research/trial and errors.

Methods that work for me:

-Keeping my stress levels down is a MAJOR thumbs up. Stay cool and calm and so will your skin.

-DO. NOT. SCRATCH. It sucks, you want to rip off your skin some days and some days you just don’t care so you have at it. The less you scratch, the less you aggravate your skin and the more progress you see (in my experience)

-Changing my diet… I’ve been working on practicing the Paleo Diet (meats, fish, veggies, fruit – no dairy, no sugar – even if it doesn’t help, you’re being healthy! win win)



Oy… so this is a long, tough list and it seems grueling but it pays off. I have been prescribed every cream, medication, method, you name it. But here’s what I’ve found, through trial and error, that works.

-Head and shoulders or T-Gel for your shampoo and conditioner

-I usually wash myself with a washcloth and some baby wash (little or no chemicals and it smells nice) but was recently recommended TAR soap (it smells like sh!t, so I’m iffy)

-Lather your @$$ up with some cream!!! I use baby lotion usually but I have also used Vaseline Nourishing lotion. 

-When my flares are bad, I use creams specific to Psoriasis. At first I was using “Psoriasin” which is a tar based cream that also smells like poop but it does the job. MORE RECENTLY… The doctor prescribed “Calcipotriene” Ointment – It doesn’t smell and it’s less sticky. I chose an outfit (sweats and a tank) that I didn’t mind ruining and I wear them whenever i put the lotion on. I have also wrapped myself in saran wrap after putting the cream on and slept with it overnight. You might look like a Thanksgiving day turkey but you won’t regret it. 

-Lastly, vitamins. Vitamin D, Fish Oil, A daily multivitamin. Keep yourself healthy!! 

-Oh and sun!!!! Throw that body in a bikini and lay in the sun. =)


Don’t be afraid to talk to people about your condition. It’s where I learned the most helpful advice believe it or not. 



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