The Social Media Pity Party

Alright dudes… Let’s address something. I’ve posted some things about my Psoriasis over the past few months on various social media outlets. This is NOT for sympathy or a pat on the back (although those are great and they definitely help me a lot, thanks guys!) My posts are not negative or meant to bring anyone down or feel bad for me.


As someone who has been in the social media industry for a few years allow me to explain how fantastic it can be. I have been struggling with this for over 7 months and been to several doctors, and do you know where I figured out how to help myself get well again? SOCIAL MEDIA! I had an overwhelming response from people who have read my posts and given me advice. A childhood friend, unbeknownst to me, has been dealing with this his entire life. He wrote me a message and it helped SO MUCH (thank you by the way). 


I also stumbled across this article that lists some of the best Psoriasis blogs: . Although it was upsetting at first to read what these poor people went through, it was also empowering and informative. I don’t encourage you to whine, if you have time to whine you have time to change what you are whining about but i recommend using the tools given to our generation! The best advice i have received was from other people dealing with it. Not a doctor. Not a medical professional. Just normal people like you and me. 


So, in closing, thank you for all your support and don’t be afraid to get up on that social media pedestal and whip out your microphone! =)


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