Be Brave

O.K. Fellow doodle-bugs (roll with it, it just came to me O.K.?)…  So I stumbled across Bravelets™; an amazingly unique and heartfelt organization started by Stephanie Hansen for her mother and her family through a difficult time…

“I wanted to make something that my sister, my mom, my dad and I could all wear in the weeks leading up to her Mastectomy – a symbol that we could all look at and remember to be brave… Out of this process, Bravelets™ was born.” – Stephanie

When my father was diagnosed with cancer and had to endure endless days of back-to-back treatments and awful evenings where he barely slept, it was heartbreaking to our small family. To show him my support I purchased him several “F__K Cancer” T-shirts to wear during treatments. My sister, My stepmother and myself also sported the tee’s. He wore one on his final day of treatment and the staff thought he was just super amazing and had a great attitude during a really difficult time.

My reason for telling you that little story was to show you that sometimes all it takes is the right attitude and the right group of people to get you through a tough time. Both my father and Stephanie’s mother (so far as I know) are in remission. It’s really all about being BRAVE. =)

See my collection dedicated to psoriasis awareness here:

$10 from every purchase will be donated to The National Psoriasis Foundation.


OH AND IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING…”why the triangle?”… “The triangle is the strongest geometric shape.” 

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