Hey! Where’s My Massage?

So I’ll be honest. Lately I’ve dreaded my trips to the nail salon. I barely went anymore after “the staring incident”. I’ll explain briefly: a man was getting a pedicure, I was picking my color and standing (obviously) too close to him and my skin was particularly bad that day… he just stared and stared. I may have told him to take a picture, it would last longer. But I’ve gotten used to the staring and I try to just understand. For someone who doesn’t know what this is, seeing a person flake ALL OVER is kinda gross and maybe even a little scary. 

So today I went for a little manicure and usually the woman rubs my back but I was a little “spotty”. I usually just say something like “my skin is a little sensitive right now, I don’t need the massage thank you”. I see a small sigh of relief and I smile. It’s no big deal. We want them to put themselves in our skin but sometimes you need to put yourself in there shoes 😉

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