We love you Grandpa!!

Grandpa Brands is responsible for making a soap that literally saved my skin. When asked what I should wash myself with in the shower, my doctor recommended I use tar soap. After minutes (maybe hours, years or ions) pacing the soap section, I grabbed a Grandpa’s “Wonder Pine Tar Soap”, ran outside in the rain and began lathering myself. O.K. maybe I embellished. I drove home and took a shower.

At first I thought “yikes, this doesn’t smell good” but to be completely honest you get accustomed to it. And let’s face it, if you have psoriasis (it also works for dandruff, eczema, and other skin irritations) you will do anything to take care of your skin. I am now a HUGE FAN. (***NOTE: If you don’t have psoriasis, Grandpa offers many other products. Some help with acne, some supply your skin with some vitamin E and some just smell really awesome.)

Kimberly over at Grandpa was kind enough to send me a case of samples (loving you Kim!) and I would love to spread the love =) Shoot me an email at seeingpspots@gmail.com and I’ll send over a bar with some literature on this amazing brand.

Thanks again Grandpa!!! ❤


2 thoughts on “We love you Grandpa!!

  1. Does it really work that well? I’ve used neutrogena T/1 shampoo as a body wash and didn’t see much improvement. I tried a dead sea salt soap (I forget the brand) and it calmed my psoriasis for awhile.


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