Allow me to introduce you to Brooklyn the wonderpup

A lot of people ask me why my blog includes my dog… and I’ll tell you…


When I was diagnosed with Psoriasis, it was a really difficult time for me. I was dealing with a lot of things all at once. My engagement had recently ended, my father was diagnosed with cancer (he’s in full remission now), I lost my job and now I was just left to stare at this strange person in the mirror every day. She was lonely and sad and scared and alone and, well, spotty. The disease seemed to grow so fast, faster than doctors could diagnose correctly. Faster than any creams could cure or sprays could calm. And then there was the pain. I would be up many, many nights suffering through the pain. The spots and scales would itch and become raw. They would bleed and burn and I was up all night, miserable.

But my nights weren’t spent completely alone. After a long day of judgements and staring, I would open my apartment door and Brooklyn would run to me, wagging her tail and jumping up and down. She didn’t see a spot or a blemish or a “disgusting” girl who people didn’t even want to sit next to on the bus… she saw mommy.

You see… My family and friends did the best that they could do to deal with the emotional toll of this disease. But sometimes all I needed was a hug. And I had hugs and kisses and cuddles waiting for me every night, without one single word of judgement or look of disgust. To Brooklyn it didn’t matter what I looked like on the outside and that is why she is my little wonderpup, my little nurse and my cuddle buddy every night.

2 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce you to Brooklyn the wonderpup

    1. Hey Mike,
      It’s really a difficult disease to live with but to meet all you amazing people who have been dealing with this for way way longer than I have inspires me. Keep keeping your head up =)


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