I’m not leaving my bed until I can leave my skin: Depression and Psoriasis

This is a really common occurrence and I hear the word depression alongside the word psoriasis more often than I would like. But trust me, I get where you are coming from.

Oye, I could write an entire novel on this. When my spots began popping up I thought very little of it. The first doctor I saw told me it was curable, slapped a jar of steroid cream in my hands and sent me on my way. It took over 6 months for someone to properly diagnose me with Severe Plaque Psoriasis and it was only because I did most of the legwork.

I stumbled across an article mentioning the 9 best blogs on psoriasis and I thought, hey if they are living with it then they know about it. I read EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And then I cried for the entire day. I closed my blinds and sat in the dark and cried. The words “incurable” and “disease” just played over and over again in my head. NO CURE. boom. DISEASE. boom. FLARE-UPS. boom. it was one terrible piece of news after another. It took me a little while to accept that this was the body I was given but after I accepted it I began being proactive. I read every article and adjusted my diet (except for cheat days ahem weeks), I changed my sleeping habits and kept on top of both over the counter treatments as well as prescribed ones, but more importantly… I changed my ATTITUDE!

Throw some inspiring quotes around your room. Reach out to the psoriasis community. Join a support group. Whatever! Just know that you are not alone and that one day we will have a cure but for now… we have each other. =)

In the meantime check out all my friendly bloggers! Inform yourself =) http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/best-psoriasis-blogs

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