Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

O.K. so I don’t think any of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. cast members has psoriasis BUT I cannot stress how important it is to have support when you are struggling with psoriasis. When I first found out I spent DAYS in bed. You can’t really understand how horrible it feels to have much of your skin taken over by your own bodies immune system. ::: Insert dramatic, tearful fall to knees action :::    WHYYYYYYY LORD, WHYYYYYYY?    ::: shakes fist at sky :::

Sigh. I know. It psucks. But when i got my butt out of bed and threw myself head first into my disease by writing about it, talking about it, venting about it and blogging about it, I began to meet people who were willing to talk about their struggle. And I promise it makes all the difference. (I talk to Brooklyn the Wonder Pup all the time about it!)

I think we as psoriasis sufferers tend to be so accustomed to hiding under layers of clothes and lies about our skin that we just don’t know how to be open about it. “What’s everyone going to think if they know? I’m not dirty. It’s not contagious. Am I not going to be invited to go into Amanda’s pool next weekend? Will everyone be disgusted by my flaking skin?” And my answer to all those will be, some people are going to be ignorant, yes, and most people are not going to understand your daily struggle with the disease but I can almost say with 100% certainty that ANYONE within the psoriasis community will embrace you and support you.

So please… inform yourself so that you can inform others and don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone anywhere in the psoriasis community. If anyone literally feels your pain, we do.

ON THAT NOTE… I’m going to leave the board open to discussion and I promise I will answer every question. Consider me your first Pso. Friend =) – Brittany

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