The First Sign Of Pspots

First let me start by apologizing for my hiatus. I’m back! Now let’s get to today’s business… shall we?

So we all know my first outbreak was about a year ago. It was misdiagnosed by numerous doctors for MONTHS. This was what ultimately caused my Psoriasis Spiral i.e. not a patch of skin on my body, aside from my face, was not completely covered in red patches. It was awful.

Because of this, I pay very close attention to my body (I look a little like inspector gadget) so that when spots begin to appear I can do my very best to nip it in the bud. I can see them begin to resurface a little now and here’s what I ask myself..

1) What’s going on in my life right now? Am I stressed? How am I feeling?

2) What am I doing to take care of my body? Am I working out? Eating healthy food? Keeping up with my hygiene?

3) Have I changed anything? My lotions? Soaps? Perfumes?

4) Where am I showing signs of Psoriasis?

It’s really important for you to know what’s happening to your body and around your body (or in your head) when you have a flare up. For example, I can tell you I am super stressed right now but I’m not eating terribly, I haven’t changed my diet much and I haven’t changed my regimen. I am showing spots on my face and joints. NOW WHAT???

Kick your butt into high gear and start applying your lotions, stay on top of your scratching and since stress seems to be a personal trigger for me I started meditating again, etc.  JUST BECAUSE THERE IS NO CURE, DO NOT DESPAIR. TAKE ACTION AND MANAGE YOUR PSORIASIS!! IT’S YOUR BODY, YOU ARE THE PILOT.

I’ll keep you posted on my spots and my progress. ❤

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