Just Face It!

So, I’ve had psoriasis for over a year now. For some reason it seems to pop up more in the spring/summer time than in the fall/winter months (don’t ask me why, it’s usually the opposite for most people).

Anyway, it started on my face this time which is the FIRST TIME it’s ever been on my face. I suppose it was bound to happen at some point. It’s hard to have psoriasis pop up on places that are hard to hide (likkeeeeee my face, unless I wear a mask or stocking over it but I don’t plan on robbing a bank anytime soon). My advice? Just FACE it!

So what? You have a few spots on your face or your hands or any other place that’s particularly noticeable. My whole theory is if YOU don’t treat it like it’s a big deal, then others will react less to it. Don’t draw more attention by trying to hide it. Own it. And of course take care of it. Keep the area clean, put on your topical lotions or creams, DON’T PICK and take it easy. It’s not fun but make the best of it.

*Everything stated on my blog is my own personal opinion and thoughts. You should never take it as medical advice and always seek out a professional physician*


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