It’s Just Psoriasis, It’s Not Contagious


As I brave my winter skin, I also brace myself for the stares and comments that come along with it. As a New York native, I can say I am fairly accustomed to the bizarre and odd things that one sees in this city. Cirque du Soleil on the train… questionable food on the streets sold from even more questionable vans… fashion statements galore… you name it, we have it. But what happens when you are on the other end of the staring?

I don’t care how long you have Psoriasis, you never get used to the stares. You never get used to the moving of seats on the train just to get away from you. You never get used to the questions. And, oddly enough, for a city that considers itself so diverse and open-minded, I think we can be one of the most close minded cities in the world.


I’ll never forget standing on the street one day waiting for my car to be taken out of valet. A little kid, maybe four or five years old, was getting out of the car with his parents and he asked his mom if she thought all the bug bites on my skin hurt. It was maybe one of the most innocent things I had encountered concerning my disease. He didn’t mean anything by it and it was almost sweet. But the way it hit me and hurt me will never leave me. Kids can be so innocent and so raw.

Walking by unusual people every day never bothered me. It still doesn’t. But to suddenly be my own little side show was surprising to me. I never really saw it that way but I was this little freak roaming the streets of New York. I didn’t fit in! And all because of my SKIN!

I think my point is… take it with a grain of salt. Try not to slide your sleeves down to make people feel comfortable, or sit by yourself on the train away from everyone intentionally. If someone has an issue with your skin, let them ask you about it. You’ll be surprised how many people will sigh when you say, “it’s just psoriasis. it’s not contagious.”


3 thoughts on “It’s Just Psoriasis, It’s Not Contagious

  1. Hello Brittany,

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    Casting Patients in NYC for informational videos on a major medical website.

    Seeking upbeat people who live with:

    • Heart failure

    • Psoriatic Arthritis

    • Medium to severe Psoriasis who have switched treatment in the past

    • Type 1 or 2 Diabetes

    • Children 6-12 who have eczema or sensitive skin.

    The videos will be upbeat and informative and are meant to provide information, support, and advice.
    Shoot will be up to 2 hours in Manhattan on March 22nd, 23rd, or 24th. Video will be shown on the website. Each participant will be compensated $150 for the shoot.


    I have also attached our flyer for further details and please feel free to share this casting with your colleagues, readers, and friends. Let me know if you have any questions.



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