Depression and Psoriasis

I learned the hard way that depression and psoriasis have a very real connection. Prior to my official diagnosis (and even after), I found myself in some dark places. I should also note that around the same time I was diagnosed as manic depressive or bipolar. My skin disease and my mental illness combined created a whirlwind of emotions that, at the time, I was … Continue reading Depression and Psoriasis

It’s Just Psoriasis, It’s Not Contagious

As I brave my winter skin, I also brace myself for the stares and comments that come along with it. As a New York native, I can say I am fairly accustomed to the bizarre and odd things that one sees in this city. Cirque du Soleil on the train… questionable food on the streets sold from even more questionable vans… fashion statements galore… you … Continue reading It’s Just Psoriasis, It’s Not Contagious

Winter And Your Skin: 7 Tips to Helping Your Psoriasis

As most Psoriasis patients know, winter can be the hardest month to bare. In the three years that I have had Psoriasis, I notice that the fall and winter season has not been kind to my skin. But why? According to the National Psoriasis Foundation* “A combination of dry air, decreased sunlight exposure, and colder temperatures can all contribute to winter psoriasis flares. Frequent moisturizing … Continue reading Winter And Your Skin: 7 Tips to Helping Your Psoriasis

Goodbye Black Clothes: A Love Poem ?

  Goodbye black clothes, Wherever you are. Trapped in my closet, The trunk of my car? Goodbye black clothes, That I’ve tucked away. The depths of my drawers, In bins, where I can’t say. Goodbye black clothes, That collect all my flakes. I’ll never see you, On one of my dates. Goodbye black clothes, I’ve loved you so much. Your smell from the dryer, Your … Continue reading Goodbye Black Clothes: A Love Poem ?

RECIPE: DIY Strawberry Fruit “Roll-Ups”

As you know from reading my blog, I try to maintain a healthy diet for my Pso-Sanity. Well, luckily I’m not much of a sweet person but when I got a craving, I tried to find alternatives to sugary things I liked. I came across these fruit “roll-up” imitations a while ago and they hit the spot. You don’t even need to add sugar!!! Everyone … Continue reading RECIPE: DIY Strawberry Fruit “Roll-Ups”