Traveling With Psoriasis

So, as you may or may not know, I do tend to travel a lot. Whether it’s for work or play, traveling with psoriasis can suck! So what do I do? This weekend I was in Chicago attending the HealtheVoices conference and it was amazing (but I’ll come back to that in another blog). What WASN’T amazing was my packing skills. I can’t tell you … Continue reading Traveling With Psoriasis

You Get A Giveaway! You Get A Giveaway! Everyone Gets A Giveaway!

  So, FREE stuff rocks. With that said, I’m having my first giveaway soon! Thanks to Etsy and all the absolutely amazing people working so hard on there, I’m happy to say that I’ll be giving away at least 5 really amazing travel packages. Why? Well, I travel a lot. And it’s been really tough on my body and my skin. A lot of the … Continue reading You Get A Giveaway! You Get A Giveaway! Everyone Gets A Giveaway!

The First Psign Of Pspots…

I dreaded this day but it’s here: The first sign of psoriasis. I know it seems small from the picture (it’s a camera phone, cut me some slack) but┬ámy psoriasis seems to be making a triumphant return! yay! No, seriously. My psoriasis seems to be creeping up on me. It started on my legs (as seen in picture, along with a wrestling belt – don’t … Continue reading The First Psign Of Pspots…

Put Down The Breast Milk and Nobody Gets Hurt

So I think anyone who has psoriasis or has caught themselves glued to a Kardashian Marathon on TV (you know who you are, “just dusting the entertainment center and it was on in the background”) knows about the infamous breast milk episode. If you don’t, here’s the recap: Kim K. has psoriasis and she heard that breast milk helps to control the outbreaks. So, being … Continue reading Put Down The Breast Milk and Nobody Gets Hurt

We love you Grandpa!!

Grandpa Brands is responsible for making a soap that literally saved my skin. When asked what I should wash myself with in the shower, my doctor recommended I use tar soap. After minutes (maybe hours, years or ions) pacing the soap section, I grabbed a Grandpa’s “Wonder Pine Tar Soap”, ran outside in the rain and began lathering myself. O.K. maybe I embellished. I drove … Continue reading We love you Grandpa!!